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1How many hours do you train?
In the build-up period I usually train 25-30 hours per week, in the competition and regeneration weeks I train about 15 hours per week.
2How do you spend your free time?
Each top sportsman devotes his free time to sport and everything connected with it. This usually also means answering emails, doing interviews, workshops, different analyses of trainings, thinking over hot to become even better.
3What is your aim?
My biggest aim is to compete for many years without serious injuries, reach the highest scores and to step on the podium of prestige competitions.
4When did you become a professional athlete?
In the season of 2014 the results showed me that I had what it takes to become a professional.
5What is your strongest discipline?
Cycling, but every morning I wake up wishing all three disciplines were my strongest.
6How can you get to Hawaii?
By plane. At first it was a joke, but now it’s becoming real. Hawaii is hosting the Ironman World Championship and as a professional athlete you can qualify by collecting points on 5 competitions all over the world. But if you manage to win the American, European, African, Asian or Australian Championship you are qualified directly.
7How are Ironman competitions evaluated?
Each competition is ranged differently. The winner of the Hawaii World Championship gets the absolute highest number of points (8000 points), the winner of the European, American, African, Asian or Australian Championship gets 4000 points. The winner of any other competition (in Austria, Switzerland, Barcelona etc.) gets 2000 points. For lower places on all competitions the number of points rapidly falls, that is why the qualification for Hawaii is so difficult. Let me also mention that only the first 50 competitors with the highest number of points from 5 competitions are qualified for Hawaii.

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