This is the story behind my logo …

The Story

The logo has two meanings. It represents my initials D and S, and all three triathlon disciplines. Since the swimming discipline is the shortest, it is drawn with a short blue line, representing the caron on top of the letter S. The straight line represents cycling and the bent line represents the running track. Combining all of these elements together creates a triathlon track.

Dimension Ais the width and height of the square shaped logo.
Dimension B is the thickness of the lines and the height of the inscription "denisšketako".
Dimension C is the space between the free standing elements.

My slogan

"Wake up with vision, train with desire, extol to the skies"

In 2012, me and my girlfriend created this slogan. It describes my everyday routine and its other meaning represents the past, present and future.

The first part "Wake up with vision" means, that at first you only have a vision, but this gives you the energy to start.

The second part: "train with desire" means, that the key to success is loving what you do. Sometimes you have difficult days, but if you like your sport or job, everything is easier.

The last part: "extol to the skies" means, that victory comes if you have a vision and if you work hard enough. What you do in the morning impacts your afternoon and so on. In sports there are no shortcuts, just keep going step by step and the results will follow.